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The war has begun all shinobi had come to an end at some time. The obvious two rivals Konoha and Suna are in a big battle to see who would be crowned King of the Rivals. The war was devastating shinobi sacrificing lives for their villages and everything! All back then Suna and Konoha signed a legal contract and are now affilates. People thought the war has ended but was still going on... Villagers and others did not get time to live in peace. All war and shinobi homes all have been destroyed. Not much left but some reason shinobi and ninjas didn't care as much as the war were innocent villages and travelers die for no reason. It was a terrifying war of the shinobi countries.
The next Shinobi war happened and this time is a was even more devastating and scary. Shinobi were covered with blood all over the body. Some died and some lived and now was the time to give it up if not needed and hated their life. All shinobi all wars have started and it wouldn't end. All villages and countries participated in the war and lot's of shinobi either got severe, moderate or mild injuries and also death happened. As said before shinobi sacrifised their life for their own sake of the village. The affilates with Konohagakure and Sunagakure were in the lead since they were the two biggest affilates ever with so much shinobi warriors. So far this was the biggest shinobi war ever and now it's time.....
Shinobi war has now come to an end and now it's time for the bonds of all villages and countries to live in peace. Kages have all come together in a secret base and decided that now the villages and countries declare peace. All now have becomes allies. But some shinobi betray their own village and go off to destroy other villages or even countries. Most now have not come to an end but most have. Now all shinobi villages and countries search for Missin-Nin that has betrayed their village. The bond has started and now it is going to continue until peace has been declared forever.

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New Banner and Background
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A new banner has been created! I know you may be excited. Me a Naet did it. Please stay calm I know it looks good. If you have a better banner then this post it in this topic! If not please don't post unless it is a comment. (NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS)

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Shinobi Bonds ~ WELCOME!
Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:02 pm by Leo
Welcome to Shinobi Bonds a Naruto Based RPG. Here you can RP with someone make your own application, create you're own jutsus, weapons, summons, curse marks, clans ETC.

If you are new and is reading this after please do go read the rules unles you want to get banned for acting like a stupid idiot. Please do have fun and stay active if not sure get banned for not staying as active as possible. …

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