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 Toshiro Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: Toshiro Hitsugaya   Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:11 pm

Name: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Nickname/Alias: The Desert Dragon

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Weight: 196 lbs.

Height: 5'8"


He has short white hair in spikes. His face is sharp and angular. His features are almost always void of emotion. He has blue eyes with flecks of green that makes them seem blue-green at times. He has a normal build. He is not overly fat, or overly skinny. He has a tattoo in the shape of a dragon curling up his right arm at the elbow up the base of his neck. He stands straight and has his arms crossed all the time.

Clothing: He wears a tight fitting black one-piece under his chlothes. A black shirt with black baggy pants. He wears a white belt at the waist. He also wears a white and black jacket around his shirt that is loose fitting. Has his sword strapped to his back.

Personality: He doesn't like to talk much. He will venture out of the village for long periods of time because he has finished most or all of the work needed for the day and wants a break. Doesn't care about women or marriage. He occasionally stays out of the village for a few days because he feels like it. Even though Konoha and Sunagakue are at war, he sneaks into the village posing as a farmer just to see the town and get away. He doesn't collect information because he believes that would be an unfair advantage on his part. He loves a fair fight and even unfair fights if they are not in his favor. He has strong leadership skills and knows how to handle almost any situation.

Catch Phrase: An empire built on sand is not sturdy. Sadly, I must run this empire.


~Rank/Village Information~

Classification: Kazekage

Village: Sunagakure

Letter Rank: S


~Weapon Creation~

Name: Hyōrinmaru

Rank: A


It is a blade about 60 in. long total. The handle is 15 in. and wrapped in blue cloth and the hand guard is gold in the shape of a shuriken. The blade is 45 in. long and is slightly curved. The scabbard is black and sturdy.

Abilities: Very sharp and can cut through any weapons B-ranked and below.



Name: Replacement Jutsu
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: user and a target (normally a log) switch positions in mid battle.

Name: Kai
Rank: E-S
Type: ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: the user focuses chakra into thier body and stops it's flow then releases it.
The result is that one can escape geninjutsu equal to or lower than the amount of chakra focused.

Name: Transformation Jutsu
Rank: E
Type: ninjutsu
Description: The user focuses his own apearance with chakra to apear as another person.
Last for 1-2 hours

Name: Hidding Jutsu
Rank: E
Type: ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: the user focuses his chakra down into his chest and condences it to make it hide as if it was half it's normal size. It can be used like normal.

(BTW: I am making up these jutsu as I go along because my computer cannot go to I will add some jutsu from there when I get on another computer.)





~Skill Information~

Element Specialty:
Main: Earth
Sub: Wind

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Kenjutsu


~History/Rp Sample~


Birth & Infancy: Toshiro was born while his parents were away from the village. He was born in Konoha because his parents were there for the chuunin exams. When his parents got out of the hospital, they rented an apartment for a few weeks for his mother to get rested for the journey back. When they returned, Toshiro was admired by all the other mothers because he was usually quiet and never cried much except when he needed food.

Early childhood: When he turned 4 his father started to teach him how to throw ninja tools, but Toshiro never really liked to do that. He spent as much time as he could away from home and wandered around the village much. By the time he was 6 he knew almost every twist and turn in the village. He even knew a few hiding places that were good enough so he could hide for hours without being found.

Academy: While at the academy, he recieved A's for all his classes, but never hung out with the other kids. He ate his lunch alone everyday and always went straight home to do his chores after school. Whenever he was approached by another student who attempted to become friends with him he would look at them with a bored expression and say "Sorry to be rude, but I don't really want to have any friends. So if you wouldn't mind, please go away." Because of this the kids stayed away from him. Bullies tried to pick on him when he first joined the academy, but when he did nothing, no flinching no crying, they stopped. He passed the academy with flying colors.

Genin: He was paired in a team with two kids who goofed off alot and a leader who was all responsibility. They ran alot of missions, and he stayed quiet through all of them, only uttering important info. He never let anyone down, mostly because no one expected much of him. When he was 14, a few weeks from the chuunin exams, they went on another mission. It turned out to be a B-ranked mission, but was misslabeled as a C-ranked one because of incompetence. While they were fighting with the other ninja's, they became out numbered. Toshiro managed to save one of the other genin by dragging him out of there while their leader fended off the other ninja. The other genin was killed along with the leader. Toshiro shed no tears because he wasn't close to them. When he returned to the village, the people pressed him for questions. Luckily the other genin had matured after watching his friend and leader die and filled in everyone with details. Toshiro was praised for saving the genin. The funeral for the leader and genin was short, and Toshiro wasn't paying attention because he was not close to them. He could not enter the chuunin exams because he did not have a team anymore, but because of his bravery and the fact he saved teh other genin's life, they promoted him to chuunin anyway.

Chuunin: While he was a chuunin, many girls tried to get his attention and ask him out, but he ignored all of them. The more persistent ones followed him home and began putting all sorts of love notes in his mail. He moved shortly after that to outside the village, but not to far so he could still be a ninja there. He accepted more missions and didn't fail a single one. He was asked by the council to lead a team, but he denied the offer. He stuck with solo missions and soon rose to the rank of Jounin.

Jounin: As a jounin he reluctantly agreed to lead a team. Him and his team led many succesful missions. He took solo missions on the side and was realizing he was getting bored with his life. He tried to join the anbu, but the declined him because he forgot to fill out one of the sections on the application. After a while he finished more missions and was given the opportunity to take on an S ranked mission. He was overjoyed at the opportunity and took it at the first chance. The mission took alot of time, but he finally finished it. He came back into village and immediatly heard talk of the village needing a new kazekage. He turned in his mission report and a few days later got a letter that asked him to become the kazekage. He agreed and took up residence in the kazekage's mansion.

Kazekage: He was swamped with paper work as soon as he was put in the position. He finished the paper work in two hours. It would have taken a normal person at least five hours to complete, but then they didn't have normal people be the kazekage. After that he dissapeared for a few hours while he wandered the desert. When he returned he got the tattoo on his arm and neck as a sign of him being kazekage and a reminder to himself to get out more. He stayed n his office for a few days after that studying countless scrolls.

Rp Sample: Toshiro stood there. The wind was brushing past him in a light airy way. The sand on the countless dunes around him slowly rose with the wind. The sun was high in the sky as it was about noon. There was no vegetation in this part of the desert and the heat hazed his vision in the direction of his destination, a small oasis. He started forward again making sure his canteen was strapped to his side. The heat wasmaking him perspire a little bit, and he wiped his head where there was one drop of sweat rolling down his head.

He was used to the heat, so he was not exhausted at all. In fact he felt at ease. He was calm as the wind brushed his face. He trekked on until he came to the oasis. He knelt down by the water and dipped his head in to relieve his head of the heat. He opened his canteen and shook it. It was about 3/4 empty. He plunged the canteen in the water and let it fill. He put the cap back on and slung it to his waist. He sat there and sighed. He loved being out in nature away from the city without the pressure of being kazekage on him. As he sat there a man riding a camel pulled up to the oasis on the other side. The man slid off and led his camel to the water where leaned his head down and started drinking.

The man aproached Toshiro and asked him "Do you know where the Sunagakure village is? And if the kazekage is in his office right now?" Toshiro got up slowly and said "I am the kazekage. What do you want?" The man smiled. "Your head." he said as he flung five kunai towards Toshiro. Toshiro quickly made a few hand signs and said "Earth style: Mud wall!" and shot a stream of mud infront of him. A large wall of mud formed and the kunai hit it with five "thud"s. Toshiro crouched down and made a few hand signs and put both his palms to the ground. "Earth style: Mud dragon!: he said as the mud wall collapsed. Two dragons of mud erupted from the ground and rushed towards the man. "Oh crap." the man said and after that he breathed no more. Toshiro walked up to where the mud covered a large area and poked it with his foot. "Was that is? I was expecting a good fight." He sighed. "Oh well, guess you can't pick who wants to kill you. Might as well finish my kazekage duties now." And he turned back towards his village and strolled away from the muddy mess.
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PostSubject: Re: Toshiro Hitsugaya   Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:20 pm

Enjoy your role play here. ^.^

When you get the other jutsu, just post it in the other creation area for approval.
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Toshiro Hitsugaya
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