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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:43 pm

~Shinobi Bonds Rules~

1. No Breaking the Rules

2. No Sexistism

3. No Racistism

4. No Ageistism

5. No Swearing

6. No Spamming

7. No Being Mean

8. No Godmodding

9. RP the right way

10. No Cheating

11. No Pornography

12. No Hentai

13. No impersonating Moderators

14. No impersonating Administrators

15. No Advertising on the Chatbox

16. No saying God's name in vain

17. Never ask for a higher rank

18. No asking to be staff

19. No double posting unless it is you're topic

20. Always have fun!
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General Rules
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