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 Role Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing Rules   Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:45 pm

This is a topic started for talking about the Role Playing rules.

~Starting Topics and Extra Info~

(((Private))) - The user starts it no else joins it. It's their own territory.
(((Auto-Hit))) - No auto hitting if so you will loose your turn. If twice in a row you will loose double the turn. Auto hitting means you say you hit them without giving the opponent a turn.
(((No Killing))) - This means you cannot kill your opponent/foe.

~Chakra Reserves~

Shinobi Rank
D Rank C Rank B Rank A Rank S Rank
Genin 14 8 N/A N/A N/A
Chuunin 28 14 8 N/A N/A
Jounin 56 26 14 8 N/A
Kage/Criminals 99 49 24 11 8

Please do follow this chart if not you will exaust your character and may faint. That will call a automatically win for the opponent. So please follow it and be careful with you're character. It is possible it may faint right away if it is a severe faint. Using more chakra then this is generally considered akin to god modding and using your limit is tantamount to chakra exhaustion


First of all a notice to everyone no Meta gaming or God modding. If you get caught by someone or even staff you will be warned if you get caught again you will be banned for 2 days or so. So be careful unless you want to break the rules on purpose that will be more than 5 days of getting banned. Those two will be unacceptable.

1. Stating that the foe got hit with a certain jutsu, weapon ETC. The foe will decide that they may dodge. This is considered God Modding or Auto Hitting.

2. Claming that you avoided a attack without a reasoning is God Modding. If you cannot explain you're actions you are definatly God Modding for sure.

3. Never ever state the actions of other people. You cannot instantly claim he ran off beside you. Especially this, never state the actions of your opponent/foe. That would be very rude to the person that would post.

Never post jutus, weapons, summons etc. that you don't have or own is inappropriate. It will be seen and known. Anyways if used to avoid death or make something pwoerful that would be considered God Modding.

You may only use jutu that you have learned not ones you are learning now in a topic.

~Several Topics~

All members have a limit of how many threads at once which is 3 at once. If more you will have to delete the fourth thread. Even though they continue to exist they must be in sperate time periods. At any time you should not be at 2 places at once, only one place at once. This is how to keep the RP areas calm and smooth. There will not be much character deaths though but your characater will revive.

~Character Death~
Character death is involved in RPG. It may happen time to time without noticing. It is dangerous so avoid getting killed. Avoiding certain deaths is considered God Modding.

Any people that are away and are in a fight cannot die or be killed until they return to their RP topic. These kind of people are able to properly defend theirselfs from death.

Suicide is bad and means that you surrender. If someone catches you purposly suiciding you will be punished with some punishments which will be decied when the site get's more active with more people.


That is all for now folks if you have more PM Ferb. And if it's a good idea it will be added to the rules. This was all typed by Ferb the Head Admin and creator.
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Role Playing Rules
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